Missy? Moi?

Ok. Point taken. You got my attention.

This week saw the premier of my absolute favourite tv show for summer. Last year I sickened you (and myself a little) with all the talk about Marty. This year there is a new JD Fortune in the house and damn if he ain’t from Canada too! I’m talking about Lukas “Jeff Buckley meets Freddie Mercury” Rossi! He didn’t get the encore in tonight’s elimination show, perhaps because like JD he’s coming off just a bit too cocky and stirring the pot. Not that my girl Dilana did not deserve the encore. She is the real deal. Her intensity is insane. Another fave of mine is Josh. He’s got a unique sound that I’m really enjoying, though I’m not sure he’s right to front a band like Supernova. He should just go and cut a record already. It’ll be interesting to see if he can rock it out though. I’m looking forward to that.

The other Canadian, Jenny Galt, was a little slow out of the gate. I think she might’ve been sick. Her performance wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t super fantastic either. I totally think she’s got some goods though. I’ll be looking for her to break out next week.

Matt Hoffer counts Metallica and The Police among his influences. His favourite song playlist includes songs by Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeath and Alice in Chains. Yet, when he found himself in the bottom three tonight after doing a performance last night that the band didn’t think sucked, when he needed to dig deep and redeem himself with a song that would prove he was right for this band . . . he chose Duran Duran. DURAN DURAN! I liked him, would’ve liked to see more of him . . . but dude, you go with Duran Duran and Tommy Lee’s got no choice but to kick your ass to the curb or be kicked out of the bad ass rock ‘n roll boys club forever. It’s like a law or something. What was he thinking?!

Truly the only one I’ve seen enough of already is Zayra. I hoped she would be the first to go. I’ve no idea why she’s on the show. I don’t think Supernova will be fronted by Bjork meets Marilyn Manson. Her voice is really not up to scratch, in comparision to some of the girls . . . like Storm or even little Jill Goia with the big pipes (but too pretty to stand in front of these boys maybe.)

In other reality television news, Big Brother 7 All Stars premiered tonight. As usual CBS flubbed things and accidently opened the live feeds on Tuesday afternoon for an hour, which ruined the surprise of who got voted back in and the double HOH twist. But no matter. I could not believe Will wasn’t in the top 4! What’s up with that? True to form, the evil doctor is just good television. I don’t know how they’re going to wrangle it, but I’m sure the producers will want him to stick around as long as possible. Danielle totally screwed herself over. I mean she had a really good idea there about how to get Janelle out, if only she hadn’t told both sides about it. That strategy was what exactly? I didn’t watch BB6. I tried, watched the first couple of episodes but just couldn’t get into it. So I don’t know any of those players and yeah, I was hoping they’d take that alliance down. I don’t get why everyone loves Janelle. Maybe she’ll grow on me, but I find her a bit annoying so far. Marcellas was so excited to get back in. And Chicken George. Good times!

Has Jase actually matured? And I don’t mean in that “getting up there in the years” kinda way that Mike Boogie obviously has, I mean as a human being. Scary!

And that’s all I got. Mom coming to visit this weekend. Poetry reading tomorrow night. Stories of boys and bars tomorrow maybe. Or the next day. Could be Sunday. No later than Monday.

Mood: playful
Drinking: water
Listening To: the train
Hair: i can’t deny it, we’ve progressed into an all-out grease-fest

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