Miss a few days here and there and you’d think I’d fallen off the face of the earth. My readers are spoiled. I’m a bad parent. I’ve over-endulged. Spoon-fed. Given in, when I should’ve put my foot down. Meanwhile the complaining parties sometimes go months, and I do mean literally months, with the same headline atop their page. I was just here on Monday. What does a girl have to do to have a nervous breakdown in peace around here?

Mood: ticking
Drinking: nothing, but I could use one
Listening To: the incessant ping of email plopping into my day
Hair: shimmery


  1. Hi there. Listen up little missy, I look for your updates daily too and miss you so, especially the stories ’bout the club, bar whatever it is and the boys and all the romance, man I need a boyfriend, anyway thanks for sharing.


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