Channel surfing when I hear Blackville. I stop on the Weather Channel where they’re talking about this:

Stanley – Doaktown – Blackville Area
9:31 PM ADT Sunday 2 July 2006
Severe thunderstorm warning for
Stanley – Doaktown – Blackville Area continued

Radar signatures are indicating that hail in the order of 2 centimetres and a possible tornado or funnel cloud is currently moving across the extreme eastern Stanley – Doaktown – Blackville Area and into the southern Kent County and northern grand lakes and Queens County. Additionally there are secondary lines of convective cells in the remaining warning areas which will produce localized downpours and gusty winds to 90 km/h.

Jeeze Louise! It’s the T word. Apparently happening right now, so they keep saying on tv. I’m hoping the Sturgeon’s family camping weekend was not a two-night affair.

Mood: creepy
Drinking: the silver bullet
Listening To: weather network
Hair: greying at the roots


  1. well i’m doing Deadwood new series on hbo..check out “HUFF” great series. i’m cool with Tommy Lee…it’s sunny here today, yahoo..


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