An Over-Reaction Perhaps

Ok, so the tornado activity was Glassville, not Blackville. Whew! That was close. The Sturgeons actually spent the night in the tent trailer. Utter insanity! I saw a fellow Rye High Alum on CBC covering the space shuttle story from Florida. Go Tom from PEI! My mother is coming to visit this weekend. A filthy boy knocked first on my neighbour’s door and then mine when he got no response next door. Grease from head to toe. With some sort of driveway company he said. Had a photocopy flyer of some sort. I told him the house was rented, nobody with any driveway say-so living here. He didn’t have a car. Walked away. Hmm. Is this one of those casing the joint scam things where I should notify the police of unusual suspects in the neighbourhood? I’m invited to a poetry reading Friday night. I’m to emcee another poetry reading in two weeks time. I’m told I’m not blogging enough. It happens.

Mood: my heads on crooked and it hurts too much to straighten
Drinking: i should have something . . . but what? but what?
Listening To: birds. hitchcock’s got nothing on us
Hair: what’s a girl to do with it?

3 thoughts on “An Over-Reaction Perhaps

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  1. Hellooo? Anybody there? Why am I the only one updating their blog? How weird is that? Don’t you want to blog about Rockstar, at least?


  2. Those driveway guys are always so dirty and criminal looking. I wouldn’t trust them. They did our driveway in TO and one of them kicked our cat! For no reason! Who goes to another person’s house and kicks their cat? Don’t open the door again.


  3. I wish I had a peephole. I should ask the landlord for one. I’ve got a window but it’s rather high. I could always scream at them from the skylight. Kicking a cat is just wrong.


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