Month: July 2006

Another Departure Coming Up

Awake this morning before the alarm. Why? Because having gone to sleep with the windows open and covered only by a thin sheet (it’s been so humid, Saturday night I changed beds a half dozen times seeking some relief and comfort) the frigid temperature this morning wasn’t conducive […]

Cocoon Mode

I don’t know what it is, all the socializing of last weekend, all the weather related stress of the past couple of weeks, all the shock of disease in children, all of these things in combo, but I am longing to cocoon, to lock the door, turn off […]

And So It Is

Good weekend with Trish. Details later. This morning I go to Moncton to visit our little girl in hospital. Friday all was well. Saturday Jules had diabetes. Just that quick. Shell shocked. I go bearing gifts of books and paper and crayons and pencils and pink things that […]

Who Says?

When Stacy and I were kids we used to make games. Like board games. I can’t remember actually playing these games, just the making of them. They were quite elaborate as I recall. In our pre and early teens they were curious boy/girl games designed to heat things […]

Knew It

Our girl Jenny just wasn’t Rock Star material after all. I’m starting to wonder if I didn’t have her mixed up with some other chick on that Global Canada audition show, because the girl who made such a strong impression on me had some killer smoky vocals going […]

Kevin & Joel

Clerks II opens Friday. I can’t imagine that it’ll play on the one screen in this town, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll run for a bit in Miramichi and that I can catch it when I’m through there in a couple of weeks. Chances are […]

Last Night

Terrible storm. Blech! I hate lightning. Scary stuff. But even scarier might have been the picture of me sitting in the foyer in the dark reciting dirty limericks and singing Jesus Loves Me because they were the only things I could remember. A fire at campus residence about […]


good lord how is anyone supposed to function in this weather?! it’s so hazy outside! i’m chronicly nauseous. clammy to the touch. head feels like it’s gonna implode from the pressure. joints beyond aching and well into swelling. i’ve got the sturgeon perma-furrow in my brow. even downstairs […]

Little Things I Love

In Intermission when John tells Oscar that it was his idea to break up, in order to test Deirdre. Oscar is pissed all the way off, but the little part I love is when John says he’s going home to reflect on his choices. Paul Giamatti’s bit part […]