Humidy’s high. Not good for my joints. Not good for sleeping. Not good for alertness or brain power or anything worthwhile. Blech! Days like these are hard on me. I want to go shopping. Need more summertime fare. I changed my clothes at least six times yesterday, trying to get something semi-comfortable in this weather. My upstairs seems hotter this year than last. I’m wondering if it has to do with those trees being cut down or if I’m just running hotter or if the temperatures are truly higher or what is going on. After getting back from Moncton yesterday, it was so hot here that I couldn’t function. Couldn’t make dinner. Couldn’t think. I went out to the Dollar store and bought a bar of Fa Soap, two 8×10 picture frames and a ceramic teapot (10 bucks+, it’s not a REAL dollar store). Then I went to Save-Easy in search of frozen yogurt, but Chapman’s Ice Cream was on sale two for $5, so I got Cherry Vanilla and Orange Pineapple (the only flavours available, perhaps I’ll check back today for others). The Co-Op renos are done I think. Want to go and see what they’ve got for fresh produce, different stuff. Plus I want a bottle of wine. Want to do pasta, maybe even a zitti, something with hot sausage, but can hardly do that without having a glass of red with it (watched The Godfather Part II, they eat a lot in that one). Darn-it! Got the hiccoughs!

Mood: fuzzy
Drinking: cold coffee
Listening To: Sanctuary, The Local Division
Hair: poufy

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