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Not mine. Don’t panic. I have enough problems keeping up with all the blogs I’m currently looking after. On the weekend I heard from Gerry. You’ll recall I met him at the WFNB AGM in Moncton last year. His workshop made a big impression on me. And now he’s starting blogging, tho with four littles underfoot this summer, who knows how much time he’ll have for such things, but I’m really liking what I’m seeing there so far. Be sure to check out his “Sightings of Bono” and “How do we cope with Gerry?” posts on his Dead Beat blog.

Meeting in Moncton Tuesday afternoon. What is it about Tuesdays? *Sigh*

Today I cooked Tandoori chicken and corn on the cob. Meat was beyond scrum. Corn was a little bland. No cherries to be found anywhere.

I noticed a surge in male eyes upon me today as I went about my run-around. With the first guy I thought something must’ve been wrong, zipper down, toilet paper stuck in my pants, you know, something terribly embarrassing and completely Kellie-like. But then there were two more . . . and then another and another . . . and finally I got home and checked myself out in the mirror . . . and without seeing anything out of place, I’ll have to chalk it up to an amazing hair day, good bra, and a Tommy Hilfiger hooter sweater. OR maybe men have been looking all along and I just haven’t noticed. Maybe I’m not as invisible as I thought.

Mood: sleepy
Drinking: rooibos vanilla tea
Listening To: Maybe Sparrow, Neko Case
Hair: growing to the perfect length, nearly there

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  1. Hey Kellie, was checking out your blog and reference to Dead Beat (kind of you)and happened upon your music of choice. Thought I should tell you I was at the Winnipeg Folk Festival listening to her in person last weekend(I know, mean of me)I really liked her comment before one of her songs – she said it was going to sound pretty bad as she really needed to go pee!


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