Here’s A Real Shocker

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You’re like Hyde

Even if you don’t wear aviator sunglasses and rock ‘n’ roll t-shirts everyday (though we certainly hope you do), it looks like you share Hyde’s thought-provoking take on life. Whether or not you’re hatching conspiracy theories about corporate America, aliens, or rock legends, it’s clear that you don’t take things at face value. Somebody’s gotta ask the questions. It might as well be a thinker like you.

Playing the tough guy may or may not come as easily to you as it does to Hyde. But like him, you’ve got a soft side underneath that serious exterior. Even if you don’t show it, your gang knows it. And that’s why you’re so groovy to have around!
Which That ’70s Show Character Are You?

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Mood: groovy
Drinking: more tea
Listening To: traffic
Hair: done

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