I’ve Noticed

The more trips up and down stairs I make, the more things I get done in the run of a day. Obviously because if I am going downstairs a lot I’m going there not just for coffee but to do laundry, clean, cook, run errands and so on, taking care of my business. But not so obviously maybe is the effect of just that little bit of physical exertion on my body and brain. The more times I take the stairs, the better I feel. The more times I go down, the more times I have to come back up, and the more energy I have to put into work, writing, and all other tasks. I’ve noticed this because yesterday and the day before I’ve been more like a lump in front of the computer, sleeping on the futon for an hour here and there, and generally feeling like crap and not seeming to accomplish much despite all the hours spent doing stuff. Today, I’m taking the stairs and already feeling as if things are getting done. Imagine how energetic, productive and coherent I’d become if I actually incorporated some real physical activity into my life. Something to think about.

Mood: semi-alert
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: hmm, i intended to put on some tunes, but couldn’t decide
Hair: as predicted, the colouring didn’t take very well, we’re fading fast

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