Garbage Day

And I remembered. How cool am I?! Cancelled Club Pogo today 😦 I will miss Lottso with red wine. I’ve still got a little over a week in my current registration to enjoy such things and then I’m back to cribbage and . . . whatever else you can play for free . . . Poppit? Sweet Tooth? All part of my self-imposed and long overdue cut-backs. Next up is Zip. And that will be a sad, sad day my friends. Because I love my Zip dvds. I’m hoping I’ll get through the second season of Deadwood before I cancel, but it’s in high demand by members . . . so I dunno, could be tricky. I’m trying to get a lower interest rate on my credit card, transfer the balance if I can. I’m also taking it out of my wallet to avoid the temptation to use it on unnecessary things like dinners out and bottles of wine. Have got to get back to my cash and carry way of life that I was doing before I moved here. I didn’t even have a bank account then, I was all about the money in my pocket. And honestly, I spend less money when it’s in my pocket. It’s easier to use a bankcard or other plastic I find.

I need to get strict with myself. Rich people are tight with their money. Yes, they splurge and buy the very best quality of the things they enjoy, but they consistently cut corners in all other areas, so they can afford these nice things. It’s a mindset. I need to work on it, I’m so not there yet.

Mood: wishy washy
Drinking: water
Listening To: the train rumbling past on the outskirts of town
Hair: very Mia Farrow circa Rose Mary’s Baby

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