We are coming up on another full moon and already my sleep patterns begin to distort and I’m nervous, anxious, just all around edgy. Last night I went to bed at midnight feeling rather tired. I thought a couple of chapters and I’d be primed for sleeping, certainly by 1am and yay for me! So I read until 1am, overcoming the first major hurdle of The DaVinci Code–the preface! I’m not kidding I’ve never made it past the first paragraph of Chapter One before, because The Prologue just kills me. But I did last night. It is true that reading Tom Wolfe’s novel first has made me more tolerant in my reading. Now I can’t wait to read something really fantastic and be totally blown away by how great the writing is!

I had this discussion with a friend a few weeks ago. She likes detective books, you know, the hard-boiled kind. And a lot of them are not very well written, not to say that all of them aren’t, but a lot of them aren’t. She said she often forgets what good writing looks like because she’s just going from one badly written book to the next. So then when she switches it up and reads something different, something fantastic, it just blows her mind. She’s like, “Wow! You can do this?” So yeah, I’m kind of excited to have that happen. And I read something like the first six chapters of The Code, so I’m over the hurdle and well on my way to crossing this book off my list of 101 Things.

Then I’ll move on to the 100 Best Novels, starting with the ones already in my bookcase that I haven’t read yet or never finished (The Sound and The Fury, To The Lighthouse, Ulysses, etc.) I’ve got a few of the books in question hanging around here somewhere. Think I’ll loan Mom my copy of The DaVinci Code when I’m done, I think she’d probably enjoy it. Also Jason might like it too. It’s the illustrated version, a very nice book really with all the photographs. So yeah, I’ll send it the Miramichi for a bit when I’m done.

So anyway back to what I was saying about last night. I read until 1am. Turned out the light, tossed and turned until 2:30 (that drives me crazy!), turned the light back on, read a few more pages, turned the light out again, tossed and turned some more, checked the clock at 3:15, 3:20 . . . at 3:38 I opened my eyes and saw the shadowy outline of a person standing at the foot of my bed. I was not immediately alarmed by this, because I see people sometimes. Normally, the shadows would scatter and I’d be left wondering if I really saw someone or not. But not last night. Last night, the shadows knitted together forming a stronger image. A woman. Tall. Very stiff erect posture. Straight, shoulders back. Thin. In a long full house skirt. Hands folded on her lower stomach. My grandmother maybe? When she was younger? This was a young woman in her mid 20’s to early 30’s (perhaps even the perfect 30 that Sylvia Brown talks about). Anyway, as she was materializing and getting more solid she was standing at the foot of my bed and therefore (if you know the lay of the room) starting to block any light that was coming in from the windows in the other room. I kind of freaked out, instinct took over completely. Very quickly I sat up in bed, thrusting out my right hand, palm out, as if to push her away and said, “Go!” It was loud, but not a scream. Just strong. I later wondered if the people on the other side of the wall heard me. The women’s image instantly faded.

Then of course there was no way of getting comfortable in my bed so I moved to the futon, turned on the tv, watched mind-numbing Comedy Channel until I drifted off to sleep just after dawn. Ensuring that I would sleep late today and thus start another day off on the completely wrong foot. But that’s beside the point. I pretty much have to do an all-niter to get my schedule back on track where I’m sleeping at night like a normal person. Or else do one of those two-hour nappy things. But again, that doesn’t matter. I’m confused by my reaction to this woman. And now that I think about it, I think this was the first time I’ve seen a woman, it’s always been men before. Sherry sees a woman, well, used to see a woman in her old house, the new one has been spirit free so far I think. And when I’ve seen the men it hasn’t bothered me at all, (excuding the guy who used to spoon me in bed of course) but this woman freaked me right the hell out! What is up with that? I mean I’ve got the all clear for bad spirits in this space, and there aren’t supposed to be any. The energy here is supposed to be good. And I don’t even know that I got a bad vibe per say off this lady . . . but I did freak out and send her away.

Maybe I need to do a little cleansing ritual or something. Maybe something followed me home. Or took up residence while I was away. Or came with the new neighbors. I don’t know. But as the full moon is still days away, I’m hoping things don’t get any more interesting than this.

Mood: a little off
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: 7th Symphony, Mozart
Hair: still short and red, next dye job I might strip the colour and go marilyn monroe blonde

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  1. *2* blogs?! good lord.
    – t

    p.s. “Join the union, girls, and together say Equal Pay for Equal Work.” – susan b. anthony


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