I Am

Better now. Went for a walk in the rain. Got whole wheat baguette and fresh strawberries. Made the mother of all Cosmos and am now enjoying bread with Greek extra virgin olive oil. Life is fine. I was just a little wound up earlier. I can breathe now.

Drummer Boy is learning to drive standard in the driveway. Doesn’t sound like he’s making much progress with that.

I finished reading I Am Charlotte Simmons (and just in time, because if I had to hear her say it one more time . . . ) So yeah, DaVinci here I come! Cuz I can’t go from that to Faulkner and then to Dan Brown, that would just be silly. The Tom Wolfe novel was readable but I wouldn’t suggest you run right out and buy a copy. It’s long. Too long. There is so much that could’ve been cut. The plot is transparent and predictable. The ending wraps everything up with a pretty little bow, with everyone getting what they wanted or deserved. I didn’t find Charlotte herself a very likable character, and even the most despicable protagonists need some sort of redeeming quality, something that makes you feel for them. All in all I could easily name dozens of NBers who can (and are) writing circles around this kind of stuff. It’s pretty frustrating actually, to know so many unpublished (not that they all are) writers who have so much talent and skill, yet this other trash gets published. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs.

Mood: somewhat better
Drinking: cosmo
Listening To: traffic
Hair: laundered

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