I am whipped! Like potatoes. Toss me some butter and garlic, cuz I’m done, but oh so bland in my current state. Man! Everything aching today. Excruciating. In my legs, my ribs, my shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, and most of all, my neck. This is the pain of coming home after being away. It’s just the way it is. So sleepy! Listless. Just wanna crash and be the potatoe I feel I already am. So much to do, but no energy, physical or mental. Maybe I should just go lay about until I’m recovered. Maybe that’s better than fighting through it, maybe the rest will make the thing go faster. Can barely lift my coffee mug. Yes, it is the heavy pottery, still, it’s JUST a coffee mug. Need food. Need massage. Need . . . manservant! My kingdom for a manservant!

Trish is not coming this weekend after all, which is okay, I’ll be more rested by next weekend and if the train arrives on time we can go to the David Suzuki reading together.

Just got a call and gotta run. Going for coffee!

Mood: beyond exhaustion
Drinking: coffee, the Laura Secord dark roast, with cream
Listening To: Love Calls You By Your Name, Leonard Cohen
Hair: bed head greasyness, but short ‘n spiky!

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