Month: June 2006

tommy & stuff

I’m so psyched about Rock Star Supernova that Tommy Lee has totally joined the cast of my dreams. He’s just there, all the time, hanging out with me. What fun! I tried to watch an episode of Idol the other night, but once you’ve gone Rock Star there’s […]


Humidy’s high. Not good for my joints. Not good for sleeping. Not good for alertness or brain power or anything worthwhile. Blech! Days like these are hard on me. I want to go shopping. Need more summertime fare. I changed my clothes at least six times yesterday, trying […]

You Spin Me Round

Setting for your story: at a dance Starting phrase for your story: He told me Four words you must include in your story: Probability, Wimp, Ad-lib, Moo 15 minutes on the clock . . . And go! He told me the probability that he’d show up was next […]

New Blog

Not mine. Don’t panic. I have enough problems keeping up with all the blogs I’m currently looking after. On the weekend I heard from Gerry. You’ll recall I met him at the WFNB AGM in Moncton last year. His workshop made a big impression on me. And now […]

Another Spin

Here are your Story Spinner results….. Setting for your story: at a square dance Starting phrase for your story: If I could relive a day Four words you must include in your story: Jello, Chew, Ostrich, Belly Flop 15 minutes on the clock . . . And GO! […]

New Week Begins

From my Weekly Horoscope Forecast for June 26 to July 02: ” . . . You have been through a frustrating week as you have tried to get important administration out of the way, or to get documents and contracts dealt with in a timely manner. This week […]


Need to do more timed exercises. So I found this site. Keeping in mind the three Os (Objective, Obstacle, Outcome). Fifteen minutes on the clock. Spinning . . . Setting for your story: in the wild west Starting phrase for your story: The moment I took off Four […]

Someday I’ll Be Great

“The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.” — […]


Restless. Finicky. Panicked. Heart palpitations. Twitchy toes. Breathe. Just breathe. At any moment I could fall apart. Spontaneously combust. Implode. Die crying. Or laughing. What’s the difference? At any moment I could break into song. Or dance. Confusion. Conflicted. Paralysis. I might throw up. This is my failure. […]

Another Group of Writers

Tonight I met with a different group of writers. Their meetings are different than the group I’ve been with almost a year now. We did two writing exercises and have homework for next time. They also meet more frequently, a couple of times a month. You would think […]