I am a sleepy girl. Not blogging much lately. Lacking in focus. And energy. Series finale of Will and Grace tonight. Season finale of ER too I think. ER is always so gut wrenching. Don’t know if I want to watch, don’t know if I can look away. No rain today. Yet. Despite promises of thunder and lightning. The sky goes eery dark one minute and clear blue the next. It happens very quickly. A half dozen times at least I’ve battened down the hatches for rain, only to have the sun emerge within moments. Odd weather here sometimes. Strangely calm. I walked to post some letters and there was no wind. Rare. Sticky rice and beef stir-fry for dinner. Scooped from the freezer. Forgot to refrigerate last night’s nacho topping left-overs. No good today after 12 hours on kitchen counter.

When the boy started playing his drums in the yard earlier I had to wonder whether he really is Jesus from 15 years ago. Need a better look. Need a less awe-inspiring introduction. Need to work less and stalk more. How does one befriend one’s neighbours without seeming like the freak he/she really is?

Mood: brain dead
Drinking: light beer and water
Listening To: bongo boy
Hair: wet and stringy

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