The landlord gave me a summer book when he was here, Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons. I’ve never read him before. Would never have purchased this book on my own. I’m pleasantly surprised actually. Not by the book so much, as my ability to read it. Yes, it’s sloppily done. Yes, there are pages and pages that could’ve (should’ve) been cut. But it’s not getting under my skin. It’s not annoying me to the point where I just can’t read the book. This is good. There is hope for DaVinci yet, perhaps.

Watched Breakfast on Pluto last night. Cillian Murphy is fantastic as the cross dressing terrorist, Kitten. A friend of mine recommended the Irish author who wrote the novel this film is based upon. Definitely got to look him up. Great stuff!

More new neighbours this afternoon. The wife of the current tenant and their other child . . . and a cutie patootie rock star type boy, complete with instruments. Think he’s the brother. Ontario plates on the car. I was so taken I even took it upon myself to journey outside, shake hands and do introductions. His name escapes me, but his handshake is very firm. Think Richie Sambora meets Jesus. Ha! And by Jesus, I mean Alex from days long ago. Tall, thin, long dark hair worn loose not ponytailed, short beard, john lennon glasses, long coat and hat . . . reminds me of Dave, a guy I used to work with at the recording studio. I have the urge to go sit outside and drink beer. But alas, no time for socializing, spying, or outright stalking. Maybe tomorrow.

Last night I dreamed I moved back to Toronto, but Kevin wouldn’t let me live in the house with MB so they moved me into a basement warehouse space MB had on Lakeshore. Bad area. No windows. Bathtub in the middle of the room. Only a hot plate for cooking. Bar fridge. Dirty. And Kevin wouldn’t help me clean, lift anything, nothing. He just dropped me off, told me to be thankful he’d even let me this far back into his life, and to stay away from MB and his mother. Not a good dream.

Just heard my brother-in-law’s union voted for strike. Crazy unions! Stupid people! What the hell?! You wouldn’t think you get so many stupid bastards assembled in one place. My brother-in-law did not vote strike. He’s a smart cookie. I’m praying the company offers to go back into negotiations, though it doesn’t look good. It’ll all work out. Somehow.

Mood: disoriented
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: I Want You to Want Me, Cheap Trick
Hair: low riding pony tail

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