A Meme Just to Post

Part 1: The Birth of You
Were you a planned baby? Not really. I’m a honeymoon baby.
Were you the first? Yes
Who was present at your birth? A doctor, some nurses, and nobody else. My mom would freak to have anybody in delivery with her. Dad didn’t even stay at the hospital, dropped Mom off and went home. I don’t know that he even saw me until Mom took me home.
Were your parents married when you were born? Yes
What is your birthdate? June 15, 1969 (yep, coming around again soon . . . send money! 🙂

Part 2: The Family
How would you describe your family? Close
Are your parents married? Divorced? Seperated? Married still
Siblings or an only child? Two sisters, one brother.
If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest? Oldest
What are your siblings names and ages? Sherry, Jenn & Lee . . . I have trouble remembering how old I am, let alone anyone else, besides it’s not polite to out them on their age
Which parent do you get along with best? Mom
What do you fight about? Not much, nothing important
Do you have step parents? Nope

Part 3: The Friends
Do you have more than one best friend? Not really
What do you like to do when you are together? Eat, drink, spend lots of money, be merry
Do you share the same interests? Sometimes
Which friend can you tell anything to? I don’t tell everything to anyone. I’m a private person really, despite what you read here. I may tell eventually, but I don’t share much in the present.

Part 4: Your Personality
How high/low is your self esteem? I think my self-esteem is pretty even keel right there now, not too low, though I’ve had bouts of low self-esteem in the past.
Do you get depressed about things easily? Not really. I try not to let things get me down. I bounce back kinda quickly.
Are you happy? Yes

Part 5: Appearance
Are you comfortable with the way you look? I could lose some weight, but yeah, I’m fine as is, not obsessive about my appearance or anything.
Do you have any piercings besides your ears? No. And I’m surprised my ear piercings haven’t grown over. I never wear earrings, only but maybe once a year when a crazy urge strikes.
Describe your hair: Too long and thick. Soon to be chopped and dyed and cute again.

Part 6: The Past
Were you a strange child? I don’t think so. I was really shy, read a lot, had a wicked imagination . . . I’m not sure what strange means
What did you used to love that you no longer do? Smoking. Started playing around with it when I was around 12, was a full-blown smoker by age 14, smoked at least 1 and up to 3 packs a day throughout my 20’s, quit four years ago.
Do you have the same friends? Not at all

Part 7: The Future
What is your ambition? books, books, books!
Are you scared of growing old? Not much.
Do you want to get married? Umm, NO! Hah! But seriously, I’ve never wanted to get married because of the committment thing (it’s like the ultimate super serious committment). Marriages are so expensive to get out of, and once married the guy would probably want kids, which I am so NOT doing in this lifetime. So the idea of marriage has generally scared the shit out of me. But now that I’m older and not facing 70 years with the same guy, I’m not as opposed to getting married, it doesn’t seem to be the big scary deal anymore. In my next life I’m marrying everyone who asks, just for the hell of it, but in this one I can see maybe one marriage when that special guy plops into my life and refuses to be driven off by my numerous attempts at relationship sabotauge.

Part 8: The Outdoors
Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? I like being outside, though I spend most of my time inside. I don’t like bugs, bees, spiders, snakes and all kinds of creepy things you find outside. I don’t like being eaten by black flies. But I could sit by the Bay of Fundy in Alma and watch the tide change 24-7 and never tire of it. I like camping and hiking and all that fun stuff. I need to make more time to do these things.
What is your favorite season? I like them all for different reasons, but probably Fall least because it makes me sad and Spring most because of all the new birth in nature and great smells.
Weather? The weather here is almost perfect. As is the weather in Alma. I like bright sunshiny days, high temperatures, with a nice breeze. I’ve come to love the wind. With wind you never get that sweltering humid heat.
Do you like walking in the rain? I do. I get lost in a warm rain walk.

Part 9: Food
Are you a vegetarian? No
What food makes you want to gag? Plain dry potatoe scallop like my mom makes for my dad with no onions, no frills.
What is your favorite dessert? that’s tough, gotta love dessert! Probably New York Cheesecake with cherries or berries or some fruit topping

Mood: uninspired
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: kids next door
Hair: ugh!

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