5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Five days since my last post. Nope, am not sick.

Four years ago today I quit smoking.
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 36521
Lifetime Saved: 9 months, 8 days, 23 hours
Money Saved: $14,610.00

You’ve made it! A whole 48 months without a cigarette! In that time, you’ve successfully navigated the physical chaos of withdrawal, the emotional highs and lows of early quit, and the pitfalls of relapse!
Countless times you’ve refused the offered cigs. More times than that you’ve craved nicotine, but opted for health, instead. You’ve endured teasing, lack of support, and feeling uncomfortable and out of place among smokers. You may have had issues with weight, anger, tension or sadness, but still you stayed SMOKE-FREE!
You’re adjusting to a whole new lifestyle. You’re already thinking different thoughts. You’ve changed habits and routines. You’ve made new friends and, perhaps, let go of some old ones. You’re starting to realize the benefits of living a SMOKE-FREE life. More and more, you see yourself as a non-smoker. We hope you’re as proud of you as we are.
And while you’ve been doing all this for yourself, you’ve been helping everyone here at the Q: your membership in our community, whether active or passive, has demonstrated an ongoing support of the efforts of all of us. We hope you stay with us as you continue your SMOKE-FREE journey to a fuller, richer, healthier life.

Three days ago the Sturgeons came for a visit. Kids made art at Owen’s Family Sunday. I slow-cooked roast pork. Birds were fed from palms and seen aplenty on Waterfowl hike. Laughs with crazy Irish dudes. Good times.

Two nights past J&J saw INXS. Called me during Pretty Vegas but phone reception sucked, song was indecipherable through static.

One moment please.

Mood: purple hazed
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: rain & wind
Hair: countdown begins

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