Can You Freeze Cake?

FINALLY! I was starting to get a little concerned, thought I might be on my way back to unhealthy 400 pound marshmellow status. But it ain’t so! Whew! What a relief! You see I don’t believe in diets. Yes, low-carb works. Yes, Weightwatchers and Jenny Craig and all that works. But diets in general don’t work for me in the long-term–great results short-term, but not so cool long-term. So this past year (in which I’ve dropped a couple of sizes and feel better than I have in years) I haven’t dieted, not even a little. Yet pounds have been shed. No counting calories. No measuring. No points. No time constraints. My philosophy is really simple . . . and so far highly successful . . . I just eat whatever I want, whenever I want it.

Who knew losing weight and getting healthy could be so simple?!

Well maybe it’s not that simple, I mean if all I want is cake at 2am . . . then we’d have a problem. But when I adopted this philosophy (which coincided with my move and becoming the sole person responsible for stocking the larder), what I found was that I didn’t want cake, or cookies, or chips, or french fries or any of that stuff. I wanted black olives and hummus and pita and carrot sticks and tossed salad and hot peppers and brown rice and cherries and fresh pineapple. In the past year I’ve never even purchased salt or sugar. How crazy is that?!

After leaving my daddy’s kitchen, cooking became a joy. It used to be that I only ate because it was necessary, I didn’t really stop to appreciate meals. What I’ve discovered this past year is that I love food! I love pairing wines with food! I love experimenting and trying new flavours. Every day at dinner time, everything stops at my house while I worship the latest creation. I’m eating slower, savouring every morsel. Dinner can easily take an hour and a half to consume. Which means ultimately I’m ingesting less and digesting more efficiently.

The other side of the coin is that if I want to go to Wendy’s and a get a Classic Double with cheese, I do, guilt-free. If I want ice cream, I go get some. If I want chips or cake or cookies or chocolate or anything unhealthy and junky, I go for it. I order anything I feel like off restaurant menus. Nothing is forbidden. Nothing causes guilt. I just don’t worry about it . . . until this week. This spring I’ve begun to notice an alarming rise in the desire for junkfood, in particular frozen yogurt, chocolate, cake, and chips. My tastebuds haven’t been demanding the greens they used to. I would buy some salad or fruit “just because’ but then maybe end up tossing most of it out. I was starting to get just a tad concerned, especially a couple of days ago when I went to the grocery store and bought nothing but junk, including sugar cones and a big ass cake! CAKE! For godsake!

Then finally today a breakthrough in this two-month long junkfood saga, I awoke craving Greek olives, vegetable hummus, roasted red pepper dip, whole wheat pita, tossed salad drizzled with raspberry vinegrette, fresh strawberries and pineapple and so much more. And in keeping with my philosophy, I went straight to the store and got some. Yummy! Exactly what my body wanted . . . but seriously, can you freeze cake?

Mood: blissful
Drinking: Malbec
Listening To: Pump It, Black Eyed Peas (not really, i’m just singing it)
Hair: searching for the perfect do

2 thoughts on “Can You Freeze Cake?

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  1. yes, you can freeze cake. Golly gee! went shopping yesterday and purchased almost identical food stuff…Anna


  2. Excellent! Good to know. Think I’ll be freezing that nasty old cake for a junkie craving down the road. Thanks.


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