Highlights Since Last We Met

I awoke early Friday to greet a gorgeous day after only three hours sleep. Leaped into BnM, laundry, other house chores. I was supposed to go to Moncton and take the Austin Clarke fiction workshop, but as the morning stretched on the last thing I wanted to do was get on a bus to go spend a couple of hours in a windowless room at the library, plus I had such a great momentum going on I didn’t want to break it. So I sent off a quick apology to the workshop co-ordinator and bowed out. I really wanted to take the workshop but the timing just felt off on Friday. I emailed Stacy to let her know I wasn’t going into Moncton after all so she could come straight through to Sackville and she was relieved, had been feeling uncomfortable about Moncton on Friday anyway. So there you go.

I got tons of work done, met with the landlord to renew the lease, and then went out shopping (thrift store and flying A). Stacy arrived around 8pm and we went to Patterson’s for supper where I tried the fish ‘n chips (not Burke’s but very good). We went to the video store after and bought dvds. Returned to my place and watched Brokeback Mountain. I need to watch it again . . . because I think I missed something. Why all the acclaim and awards nominations? Maybe we just weren’t in the right mood or something, but both of us thought Walk the Line was a stronger love story. And Brokeback didn’t even seem anywhere near the same rank as the likes of Crash. Maybe it needed to be seen on the big screen. I dunno. I’ll watch again though to see if it was just my mood of the moment or not.

Saturday we went to the giant flea market and I bought some Oshishi sauce and Lee’s Christmas gift. Then back to Patterson’s (because they do an all-day breakfast but we were into lunchtime) where I tried the clubhouse (yummy!) and Stacy did the bacon and eggs. We hit the road for Moncton and went to the Wellness Expo at Moncton High School. It was really good. I bought some cultured vegetables. Stacy won a huge book doorprize. We took a seminar on Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Research that was very cool. (Will you just watch What the Bleep . . . ? already?! Please. It’s very cool stuff.) Then we went shopping at Champlain. I bought a mood ring, two ankle wishing bracelets (one for love, one for money, legend says when they break off I’ll get my wishes), an Asian food set with chopsticks, little dishes, and bamboo placemats for two. I want to learn how to use chopsticks, have been practicing, it’s REALLY difficult. We also bought some birdseed so we could go to the bird sanctuary on Sunday and feed the chickadees.

We opted not to eat in Moncton and instead returned to Sackville where we checked out the Pizza Delight. I had never been to this one, but it’s nice. I had a BBQ chicken thin crust pizza and a skillet buttertart for dessert. We got dessert because it was Make a Wish day where all the proceeds from desserts go to the Make a Wish foundation. Sugar overload!

When we got back to the apartment there was a bag attached to my door with my name on it. And inside . . . OLIVES! Mammoth. Green. And spicy! Tres yummy! But from who? Whoever left them for me neglected to sign the note . . . But I don’t know that many people, so I have a pretty good idea who brought them. Thanks! They are lovely. I also noticed somebody leveled my step . . . am thinking this was a different somebody than the bearer of olives, maybe the landscape crew that was here early Friday morning. Maybe.

Saturday night we watched Clerks 10th Anniversary edition dvd. Because Clerks II comes out this summer. And you know I love Kevin Smith. We stayed up super late talking and slept pretty late Sunday. Set up the printer Terry sent me and got it working. Yay! I can print again! Thank you, Terry. Then opened Stacy’s mind to Wendy’s and headed to Nova Scotia without any honey bees to feed the chickadees. Turns out we bought the wrong seed, but still . . .

Stacy took the pictures while the squirrels were aggressively chasing me, demanding seed, freaking me out. We even saw a chipmunk. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

We went to a natural food store and bakery before coming back to Sackville and getting ice cream at the fudge factory. And then Stacy hit the road for Miramichi and I pretty much collapsed in front of the tv and went to bed early, played out. It was a great visit though. Had a lot of fun.

Next weekend is the Rotary Wine Tasting and I’ve invited the Sturgeons to come for a night or two on Saturday so the kids can do Family art Sunday at Owen’s. I hope they come.

Mood: fantastic
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Green Eyes, Coldplay
Hair: the thickest of the thick

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  1. AHH! Ms. Kellie becoming one with mother nature, aren’t you cute, same color as the chipmunk. Big green olives, have to have olives on pizza,hate those little green with the red pimento, looks like dog penis…


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