Silver Lining

Beauty morning here on the Tantramarsh. Sunshine. Blue skies. Calm (that’s relative, the day would perhaps be considered windy elsewhere). Thirteen degrees says Environment Canada. So my walk is on, not rained out. We’re going to a bird sanctuary near Amherst. Apparently the birds will land right on fingertips and eat out of your palm. I wish I had a camera, I’d take pictures. My description later will have to do.

Sleeping problems last night, got up at 3am and went online played mind numbing games until after 4. Then returned to the sheets where I rolled around until nearly 6. Restless. Some pain in my legs. Couldn’t get comfortable. Shifting pillows every few minutes. Mostly couldn’t quiet my mind. Writing when I should be sleeping. Woke five hours later at 11. It’s funny how I never set an alarm anymore. I just wake up after five hours, though sometimes more, which usually freaks me out.

What does one wear when visiting birds? Besides my worst shoes in case it’s muddy.

Mood: excited
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Open Road, Bryan Adams
Hair: loose for now

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