A Meme for the Day

1.Do you still talk to the person you lost your virginity to?: yes
2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons?: put them in the cupboard for when the kids visit
3.What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?: Grease Soundtrack, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, David Soul, Kris Kristofferson, Shaun Cassidy
4. What kind of music do you listen to now?: Everything except country, mostly alternative and folk rock
5. What is the best thing about your current job?: That I work from home
6. Are you against same sex marriage?: Absoutely NOT!
7. Have you been on a date in the past week?: Sadly, no
8. Where are you going on your next vacation?: I’m not sure, but Italy calls to me
9. Quote a song lyric: “Just victims of the inhouse driveby, they say jump you say how high.”
10. Are most of the friends in your life new or old?: New
11. Do you own any furniture from Ikea?: No
12. Do you like your parents?: Yeah, my parents are okay
13. Do you live with them?: No
14. Where are you from?: Miramichi NB
15. Tell us about the last conversation you had?: With Jason via MSN. Letting me know when I called that Jenn was out for a walk.
16. Where do you see yourself in one month?: Right here, getting ready for mini-trip to Miramichi, to deliver workshop, to take workshop, to get my haircut, to check in at the office, to see the kids and my dog and everyone else
17. What is your favorite smell?: Lilacs
18. Do you consider yourself bi-polar?: DI could very well be . . .
19. What is the time and the outside temperature right now?: Dunno
20. Have you ever done anything vindictive to your coworker?: No
21. Have you ever gone to therapy?: Nope, but that’s not to say I shouldn’t have
22. Have you ever Played Spin the Bottle?: hah! yes. eons ago
23. Have you ever Toilet Papered someone’s house?: oops! yeah. sorry wilson.
24. Have you ever liked someone but never told them?: The story of my life is liking people and NOT telling them, or telling them too late or too early. My timing sucks.
26. Have you ever had a crush on your brother or sister’s friend?: Not so much. One of my bar boys was one of my sister’s exes tho.
27. Have you ever been to a nude beach?: No. I’m not really a beach person.
28. Have you ever drank Jack Daniels?: All the time
29. Have you ever had sex on the beach?: The drink, yes. The actual sex . . . it’s fuzzy, I think so.
30. Have you ever had a stalker?: Well, there was this one guy we had to lie and say I moved and nobody knew where
31. Have you ever been in love?: Once, many infatuations though, several purely sexual relationships
32. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: I have, but not since I was a teenager
33. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?: I have, the best feeling
34. Have you ever gone to a party where you were the only sober one there?: god no!
35. Have you ever been cheated on?: Yes
36. Have you ever had sex with one of your MySpace friends?: I don’t have MySpace friends
37. Have you ever felt betrayed by your best friend?: never
38. Have you ever felt like you were just completely rhino raped?: hmmm, a little confused about this, but I’m going to say yes
39. Have you ever lied to your parents?: Hell yeah
40. Have you ever been out of the country?: I have but not in a long time
41. Have you ever thrown up from working out?: No
42. Have you ever gotten a haircut so bad that you wore a hat for a month?: No, I only had one intolerable haircut and I just had someone else cut it over again
43. Have you ever eaten three meals from three different fast food places in one day?: I’m pretty sure I probably did when I lived in Toronto
44. Have you ever gotten so wasted you didnt know what was going on? Yeah, it happens
45. Have you ever spied on someone you had a crush on?: Yes, but not in a really long time
47. Have you ever seen your best friend naked?: no.
48. Have you ever fell in love with someone elses partner?: not in love, in like or lust tho
49. Have you ever had your heartbroken by someone you love?: Yeah, I’ve been the blubbering broken-hearted way too many times
50. If you could change anything that has happened in the last six months would you?: Nope. Probably not. Cuz today is a beauty day and I’m happy and I wouldn’t want to mess with that.

Mood: happy
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Start Me Up, Rolling Stones
Hair: low pony

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