Late last night someone shot off fireworks right outside the bedroom window. The room flashbulbed white light. At first I thought a car had exploded at the lights. But fireworks seem more logical and there was no evidence of an explosion. I woke early this morning and found something to read for the open set, an earlier blog entry actually. I shortened it somewhat and cleaned it up a bit for pacing and clarity. A post about when I was forced to enter that beauty pageant. Now we can move on from seedy motels to beauty queens. It seems logical to me.

The open set at the Ice House was actually quite nice. I wasn’t too excited to be going there, but for the size group we had, it really worked. I am so lucky to know all these people. I feel so fortunate sometimes to have so many talented and remarkable people in my life. The readings were a brilliant cap to an amazing weekend. I so enjoy hearing everyone’s work. I was surprised by the way everyone responded to my piece. They laughed really hard. They really seemed to enjoy it. I read half the first go round the table and then the other half on a second round. At the end they were all laughing and even clapped. Kind of wild. Everyone said I should be trying to publish that stuff. I’ve never really thought of it as “real” writing. I’ve never had so much encouragement at one time as I did this whole weekend. At every turn someone was telling me how much they enjoyed things and how much I needed to focus and seek publishing. I’m actually inspired by it. I’m feeling really good about my work so far, the work left to be done.

On the ride home I was told people are worried about me, worried that I’m working too hard on other things and not working hard enough on my own writing. They told me the woman they’d sat with at the banquet just kept saying that I needed to do nothing but write, nothing, just write all the time. Of course, one needs to also pay the bills. There is always that. I do need to strive for better balance though. I know I do. And I’m feeling inspired to do something about it. I feel like I can. This feeling may disappear in a day or two, but for now, it feels really good.

Jan and Marilyn were kind enough to give me a little sightseeing tour of the area when we arrived back in Sackville. I had no idea there was a huge beautiful lake so close by. I knew of the lake, but thought it was way off in the woods, not within walking distance! And there’s a beach! With swimming in the summer. How cool is that? Every day that passes I fall more in love with this town. I decided last week that I will buy a house here. Now don’t get all excited, it’ll take years I’m sure to find the right house, to be able to finance such an endeavour. But where there’s will there’s always a way, and I’ve got the will. How odd.

Mood: happy and light, optimistic and excited, inspired
Drinking: diet cola
Listening To: Wake Up, Waltham
Hair: brown scrunchy

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  1. Funny how you were surprised they reacted so well to your writing. Perhaps we’re not that different after all?……….There’s a lake? Where? And swimming? I can’t imagine it ever being hot enough there, with that freaking wind!


  2. I think it was the author Saturday night who truly freaked me out. She is one of the few people I know who support themselves solely from their books. Most people have to teach, edit, work as nurses or lawyers or something else. But she’s a very successful author. To have her remember my name, and especially my story, after only meeting her one time something like 7 years ago, when she’s so well-known and successful. And to have her lavish praise on me to the point where I couldn’t stop blushing. And to hear all the great things she said to my friends over the course of the evening when I wasn’t there. It was like there was a buzz about me as being the next hot thing, one to keep an eye on. People have always enjoyed my stuff, I’m pretty secure in my writing, but this was over-the-top. It’s never been like that before. It was overwhelming in a way. But so encouraging and motivating. Definitely some positive energy to carry me through for a few weeks at least. Some momentum.


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