Another Manic Monday

Back to the real world then. And a crush of work. Overwhelming. At least I was too tired to have the usual battle with Sunday Night Axiety. It seems to have hit me full in the stomach this morning though. How do you spell diarrhea? I’ve got an issue of bnm online long overdue, bnm print needs things asap, wfnb PR, housecleaning, a walk, errands, laundry, unpacking, and somewhere in there I need to find time to write something creatively for me, personally.

The dilemma is if I put the creative writing first, if I get started, I won’t want to stop. I want to go all day. And I no longer have the luxury of doing that. If I leave it to last I never get to it. If I start it somewhere in the middle I have problems getting into a creative headspace. I know I need to start doing it first, and I need to be disciplined with my writing time, limit myself to an hour or so. It shouldn’t be so hard to do the only thing in the world that truly makes you happy. One would think once you’ve identified the thing that brings peace to the world that the rest would be easy. Not so. But I’m going to really try harder. I have to. This not producting work thing is becoming ridiculous.

Mood: whipped
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: One, Johnny Cash
Hair: Dunno as I can wait til May to chop, tempted to go at it myself

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