Saturday Goes Down Too

Good day today. Felt better after finally getting some sleep. Different kind of day because I didn’t go to workshops or the meeting. I helped set up, sold books, tried to run a sound system, and other little odds ‘n ends. Lunched with the crew at Dimitri’s. Record book sales! Met lots of new people, saw some people I haven’t seen in forever. I ran into a woman I only met once, many years ago, and she still remembered the story I read. That was pretty cool.

Lee accompanied me back to the warehouse when we had time before the banquet. My witness to the insanity here! Neither one of us know the city well enough to find friends. We cleared a space and talked about music and plays and books while I ironed and dressed, spending a quick hour before heading to the party. I realised too late that the dress pants I packed are a little bit too big. Brand new. Purchased at Christmas. Worn once. Expensive. Dammit! But I’ve apparently lost weight. I had thought I’ve gained recently. Needed to wear a belt. Like NEEDED to! In order to keep the pants around my waist. That’s insane.

Long evening! Food was a long time coming, but very good once it arrived. We had no problems occupying ourselves though. I nearly snorted wine out my nose several times from all the laughing. Met Elizabeth’s husband for the first time. He’s wonderful. I want them to come to Sackville and visit. Drink much wine and laugh with me. Take me out to continue the quest for the perfect Irish man. Perhaps at a seedy motel, who knows. I kept thinking that’s how Jenn and Jason will be in a few more years. The high school sweethearts thing works every once in awhile.

Great readings. Sketchy sound system. But we got through it. So far it’s been a really enjoyable weekend. Went for drinks at the hotel after the banquet. Met a handsome man with dark hair. Whenever this happens I always wonder if it’s him, the predicted one, but no, this one was married. And much too quiet I think to sweep me off my feet. I so hope the prophet wasn’t embellishing that part of the prediction, because I’m ready to be swept. It’s seriously high time. I have my doubts such a man exists though, I’m not easily swept away. But I would never say never about anything.

I’ve got that buzz in my head. The one I get when I’m around creative souls. It’s nice.

Mood: better
Drinking: nothing right now, red stuff all night
Listening To: street noises, much louder here than at home
Hair: that’s it! I can’t live like this any longer! Going short, last weekend of May!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Goes Down Too

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  1. Glad you’re having a great weekend! But cutting your hair?……I’ll believe that when I see it. You’ve cried wolf too many times my friend!


  2. Fantastic weekend! Best AGM in a long time. And you are totally going to see it. I swear. I can’t do this anymore. It’s just too heavy and thick to be carrying around.


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