Another Meme

1. Yourself: stressed
2. Your Lover: non-existent
3. Your Hair: greying
4. Your Mother: aging
5. Your Father: stubborn
6. Your Favorite Item: dvds
7. Your Dream Last Night: multiple
8. Your Favorite Drink: wine
9. Your Dream Home: rustic
10. The Room You Are In: lofty
11. Your Pet: hairy
12. Who You Are Now: starving
13. Who You Want to be Like Ten Years From Now: angelina
14. What You Want to be Ten Years From Now: content
15. What You’re Not: organised
16. Your Best Friend: computer
17. One of Your Wishlist Items: travel
18. Your Gender: lass
19. The Last Thing You Did: coffee
20. What You Are Wearing: navy
21. Your Favorite Weather: sunshine
22. Your Favorite Book: many
23. The Last Thing You Ate: chips
24. Your Life: okay

3 thoughts on “Another Meme

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  1. It’s gonna be rustic specially for your visits! (Though I suspect indoor plumbing will be a must, so it may not be rustic enough for your liking.)

    That’s all I could think of to put for my mother after spending many hours on the phone with her the night before where she said repeatedly, “I’m getting too old for this crap!” 😀 Still, I don’t think we’ll bother showing her this meme.


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