Last night was one long dream, a mini-series, instead of a bunch of vignettes. In the dream I had a new boyfriend. Couldn’t really see him very well, not enough to recognize him if I see him in the street today, but he had dark hair and was sort of average-sized not overly tall or short, fat or slim.

We’d been together for awhile because we were living together. I think it was his house because it wasn’t the sort of style house I’d be likely to buy on my own, but it was a nice bungalow, very bright and modern. He was divorced. Two kids. A girl around 8 years old and a baby about 18 months. I could see his ex-wife more clearly. Tallish, slight, blue eyes, blonde bob, working mom, dressed in stylish suits. I’ve had divorced boyfriends before and this ex-wife was not like any of the ones I’ve encountered in the real world. She wasn’t psychotic. Her children were her biggest priority. She was reasonable and grown-up. Polite to me, grateful even when I would take the girls at the last minute if something at her work came up unplanned.

I caught a few minutes of a sitcom last night, The New Adventures of Old Christine I think it’s called. I also watched that one with Henry Winkler this weekend sometime. And in both of them the couples are split but get along with each other and any new partners that enter the mix. I think that’s where this dream was coming from, because certainly it hasn’t been my experience that women are okay with me being around their husbands or kids.

As mini-series go, this dream sucked big time, a real yawner. It was like a month in the daily life of a functional new family. A few minor spats because the kids wanted to stay a little longer and weren’t ready when their mother came to get them, but otherwise smooth sailing. And you’d probably think I’d welcome the lack of drama, be more rested from total immersion into one long straight thought rather than the bumpy ride of blips that usually take hold. But no, it’s still an exhausting process. I still wake more tired than when I went to sleep. Boring is tiresome too.

Mood: frantic
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: just the hum of the computer
Hair: somewhere in this mess lies buried a beautiful head of hair

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  1. You have the most vivid dreaming that I have encountered in ages. That’s probably why you get tired so easily, you obviously go into deep rem sleep, awake after dream after dream. Makes for a fitfull of white nights..the dreaming is consuming your waking time therefor intefering with proper sleep time. I was a blogger for some time but i stopped, IT was interfering in my writing, painting..I have since gone back to my journals, I love the sensuality of the pen and the physical act of writer we spend alot of time alone and I found that with blog’s i spent alot of time on internet, talking to “i don’t know” Love your blog, if you need dream interpretations I’m your girl…
    Precious in ZA.Africa


  2. One of my exes claimed he didn’t dream at all. EVER! I knew he had to be dreaming, everyone dreams don’t they? But never in his life had he ever remembered a single one of his dreams. That was just the most bizarre thing ever. He thought I was a nut job! We were not very compatible, lol. I’m always up for dream interpretation. Have at ‘er anytime!


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