Tasty Freeze

What was the name of the dairy bar on Lakeshore just east of Dixie Road? Was it the Tasty Freeze? Or am I confused with song lyrics? I’m sitting here with the skylight open, spring drifting in, and I’m reminded of nights when we’d go for ice cream when we couldn’t sleep. Oddly, those nights happened most often in the dead city heat, when the act of simply lying on the floor naked in front of the fan did nothing to ease the discomfort of thick air, slick sweat soaked body. Not beautiful breezy nights like now. I think I’m reminded of those sticky nights now because I used to long for cooler air, dream about it, spend hours lying around and thinking about home. With no air conditioning, sleep became impossible during the heat wave, no matter how exhausted you’d get. We’d enter into this surreal state of being, sluggish existence, with little talk, no relief. The banana split would melt as soon as we left the air conditioned shack.

To escape we’d usually go driving. North. With the windows down. Q107. I’d lay across the seat, bare feet in his lap, resting my head on the door, staring into the sky, hair ruffling in the wind. If we went far enough there would be stars. Sometimes we’d go to the drive-in. Sometimes we’d just drive around. Sometimes we’d talk about moving north. Most times we’d just drive. We didn’t need to talk. Being together was always enough, especially when you could breathe.

Mood: nostalgic
Drinking: water
Listening To: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, U2
Hair: still doing that 50’s thing

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