Month: April 2006

Another Weekend Coming On

I have to get up mega early in the morning. Blah. So much to do before catching the 10:30 bus to Moncton. I’m taking Austin Clarke’s writing workshop at Frye Festival. I wanted to do more, but hey, it is what it is and I’m glad. Stacy will […]

Paying Attention

My horoscope told me to pay particular attention to the messages in my dreams this week. And I have been. And I’ve been learning lots. But there’s this one dream I’m just not getting. I’ve no idea where it came from. I dreamed I went to see Simple […]

Moving Week

It’s turn-over time in my fair town. People have been on the move quietly for a few weeks, but now we’re getting into mass exodus mode. Moving vans, half-tons piled high, trailers loaded down, kids carrying mattresses on their backs, suitcases by the curb, all over town yesterday. […]

The Other Song

She’s Always A Woman(Billy Joel) She can kill with a smileShe can wound with her eyesShe can ruin your faith with her casual liesAnd she only reveals what she wants you to seeYeah, she hides like a childBut she’s always a woman to me She can lead you […]


Another gorgeous day! Had such a wonderful time yesterday. Art show was amazing. Stayed up until after 3 am drinking wine, cognac, so much conversation! It’s good to connect like that every so often. Healing. I have such a peace in my life. I really feel so fortunate. […]


Heading to Moncton later today. Supper with friends at a Thai restaurant, then going to Elaine Amyot’s opening at a gallery in the Aberdeen Cultural Centre, followed by sleepover at my house. Yay! The wine will be flowing no doubt. My horoscope says a platonic friendship is going […]


can i touch you to see if you’re real? what a fucking night. dreams. not even dreams. recurring nightmares. i’m starting to enter the world of scary insomnia again. why am i so stressed? you know the nightmares are bad when you can’t shake them in the light […]

Too Much

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More Songs

After yesterday’s post about the song I got to thinking about other songs. I’ve had a lot of boyfriends, a surprising number really when you consider that I’ve been out of the game for so long that many of my friends (the writerly ones anyway) have never known […]