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This morning I sat in my kitchen and wrote two pages long-hand. Notes on a play that I’ve been swirling in my brain for awhile now. Going to the library this afternoon for some research amongst other things. I want to read “The Polished Hoe” before taking Austin Clarke’s workshop during Frye Fest. I really can’t afford to go total immersion into Frye this year, but I wouldn’t miss this workshop for anything. Luckily Stacy is coming that weekend for the big Annual Flea Market at the arena here, so I may get to do some Frye activities afterall.


Started reading Michael Winter’s “This All Happened” last night. It’s rather interestingly constructed. I’m not sure why he doesn’t use proper contractions for words like doesnt, wouldnt, etc. No apostrophes. Curious. The novel occurs over the course of one year and has one snippet for every day, though it’s not really like a diary or journal. It’s a bit more relaxed than that. Last night I read January. Enjoyable so far.


I remembered to take the garbage out! Because you know, soon the boys will be gone and I’ll have to fend for myself, so I really can’t be forgetting the garbage for months on end.


Friday evening there is an Art Auction Fiesta at Owen’s Gallery as a fundraiser to send some students to Mexico to work with Habitat for Humanity. I should go. NOT that I can afford to be buying art just now, but . . . I wonder if they’ll take Mastercard? Just kidding. I should make more of an effort to go to these things though, if for no other reason than to check out venues for next year’s WFNB AGM that I must plan.


I’m marinating a steak for dinner tonight. Last night I totally pigged out on nachos with chipotle chicken, green onions, black olives, yellow peppers, green peppers, pickled jalepeno peppers, old cheddar, hot salsa and peppercorn ranch for dipping. So frigging yummy with a glass of South African Cabernet Shiraz! But tonight there will definitely be more salad and less starchy carbs because I still felt like crap when I woke up this morning from the excess of last night.

I really need to do some work. Really. For serious.

Mood: a little stressed
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: The Travel Song, Pilate
Hair: tightly wound

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