I’m addicted to Leonard Cohen radio on Pandora.com. Just added my favourites from there to the blog sidebar.


I admitted to the Writers’ Group tonight that I am not writing, that I am not even thinking about my writing, I’m not letting something gel in my brain, there are no seeds, I have lost my way. That was a funny business that. I intended the comment to be more of a joke, a quick quip off something someone else had said . . . but as soon as I said it I was overcome with emotion, close to tears at first, quickly turned to a flash of anger. Was I more angry at showing so much emotion in public or the fact that I feel so out of control most of the time? Probably equal blame, enough to go around lord knows.

A profitable meeting nonetheless. Received new shoes from friend who had two pairs. Lovely. They will be my new house shoes as they are super comfortable and make me feel light and quick. I’m wearing them now. I may never take them off. Merci beaucoup!


Brokeback Mountain is playing tomorrow night at the Vogue as the Film Society movie. Can I go? Can I not? Heath’s character is a mumbler I know and Alastair tells me the sound in that theatre is not the greatest . . . still, the big screen versus dvd, no comparision. Can I take the time (and money) so close to another 10 days on the road? I guess it’ll depend on how much I feel I accomplish between now and then. I’ve got to have the March 28th issue of bnm locked up before I leave. And a bunch more stuff. Plus the usual packing, setting the house in order, etc.


Stacy sent me the pics from the Jon Bon concert today. Very nice! Still haven’t gotten mine developed. Yes, that’s how poor I am.

Mood: cooked, burnt, fried, baked, toast . . . stick a fork in me, I’m done
Drinking: California Merlot
Listening To: Until You Suffer Some (Fire and Ice), Poison
Hair: straggly, rough

3 thoughts on “Over-Extended

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  1. well technically i wasn’t as close as that really close one, stacy was. I was mesmerized, paralysed, and my feet hurt too damn bad to go chasing jon boy all over the acc.


  2. i sat thru the whole of BBM just waiting to find out at what point they were going to say the line, “i wish i knew how to quit you!”
    worth seeing at the theatre b/c of the scenery…
    – t


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