Month: March 2006

Dream Themes

Cars one night, something else the next. And the dreams continue. Last night’s dream theme was definitely exes. In the first dream, my high school sweetheart came to visit me here in Sackville. Odd for him to show up. In the dream we were teenagers again and wild […]

Where Is the Moon?

Like seriously, is the moon new or full or waning or doing something else crazy? Again? So soon? Because the dreams are killing me . . . I’m way back Cains River, a little bit off the main road on what I guess must be a logging road. […]

More Stuff

This morning I sat in my kitchen and wrote two pages long-hand. Notes on a play that I’ve been swirling in my brain for awhile now. Going to the library this afternoon for some research amongst other things. I want to read “The Polished Hoe” before taking Austin […]

Morning Pages

There’s no mistaking it now, winter (such as it was) is done, spring has sprung in a big way. I absolutely love, love, love having all the windows open! But even if the skies weren’t clear blue as far as the eye can see, even it was raining […]

Back On the Ball

The thing about going away for weeks on end is the disorientation when you return. It takes a few days to get back into routine. And I seem like I get so very tired when I’m away, I could sleep non-stop for days, just lay around and veg […]

In Dreams

Make it stop! Enough already! I’m exhausted, not sleeping well, too many dreams. Crazy things — . . . Stacy dressed like Patty from Grease, preppy, poodleskirt girl, at a dance (school? legion? i can’t tell the difference), calls out to me then some guy named Danny, (a […]


I’m addicted to Leonard Cohen radio on Just added my favourites from there to the blog sidebar. ***** I admitted to the Writers’ Group tonight that I am not writing, that I am not even thinking about my writing, I’m not letting something gel in my brain, […]

Where Have All the Good People Gone?

** Edited Wednesday March 15th 10 a.m.Well I wanted to post some pictures from the Sam Roberts concert Friday night. But there’s some sort of problem and I can’t upload to Blogger. Which makes absolutely no difference whatsoever anyway because I can’t get the damn pictures off the […]

TO Pics

I’m having a busy March Break with lots of visitors, lots of kids. No time for blogging. Stacy sent me some of the Toronto pics. Enjoy! The view from our hotel window. Enjoying a Cosmo in the Library Bar at the Royal York Hotel. Sucking back a Chocolate […]

Fat Lady Sang

I sucked. Scored a whopping 10. Got all the actors and actresses right, and the writing of course, fluked a couple of others, but missed on the big ones. No idea who won, no word from Barnbonia yet. Oh well. Pinkie and I had an incredible last evening […]