On the Ball

Still being without data I seemed to have more time/less pressure about me, so I thought I’d seize the opportunity to find a time management tool that might actually help me to get organised, stay that way, and become more productive. It’s hard when you’ve got so many different balls in the air at the same time. It’s hard to know what to do first. Sometimes the weight of the tasks at hand is so overwhelming I can’t get out from underneath it and finish anything. The result is I have dozens of projects underway but not too much to show for all the work I do. I’ve taken some time before to look around for free day planners and software like that, but I’ve never found anything truly good. Until now! I’m very excited about this little gadget. I think it’s just the ticket for me to keep me focused and on top of things. So much so that I might even splurge and buy the professional version. (Provided I actually use the free version this week and see vast improvement in my life.)

Finally I feel like I might be getting On the Ball! I can plan projects, meetings, and simple tasks. And it’s like a game to see how quickly you can complete these things. Like this post for example, I’ve allocated 20 minutes and I’m down to the last 9 (better hustle!) There’s a small box at the top of my screen, out of the way, where I can access the ball at any time to add new tasks, to see how much time I’ve got left to complete the task at hand, etc. I get points for doing things in the amount of time I’ve guestimated the task to take, bonus points for finishing early. So it’s fun, it’s productive, it’s kinda sorta making me a happy girl today.

Anyway, with 6 minutes to spare, I’m outta here! Tech support are returning my computer this morning and I should do a quick tidy. That’s another thing about the ball, I just had to rearrange the whole first part of my day and I did it quite simply with a few clicks. The tasks are on tap for tomorrow and Thursday now, instead of today. This is fun stuff.

Mood: zoned in
Drinking: cheapo columbian
Listening To: adrenaline buzz in my brain
Hair: severely tight to my scalp

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  1. Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for your lovely account of how you use On the Ball. It really made my and Tony’s day.

    Send me a mail to marketing@allontheball.com and I will in return send you a permanent license key for free.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in testing out OTB2 which we hope to have in beta in about a months time.

    Take care,



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