From the Miramichi

Aww, sometimes I get so nostalgic for the river . . .

You know you’re from the Miramichi when:

1. The biggest traffic jam you’ve ever seen was the Blackville Christmas parade

2. “Vacation” means going to Moncton for the weekend

3. You measure distance depending on how long it would take a snowmobile to get there

4. You see people wearing hunting clothes at social events

5. You use “dooryard” regularly in everyday speech

6. You always get sick or go somewhere a couple weeks before winter so you don’t have to help put in the firewood

7. Your highlight of the day is going to Leroy Stewart’s Cloverfarm for Mom and looking through the reduced carts

8. You realize that most of your clothing has Canadian or Alpine beer logos on it

9. You have been to a school function where Susan Butler sang

10. You use the words “friggin” or “arse” or “friggin arse” on a regular basis

11. You know at least three people who took a day off school for the start of hunting or fishing season

12. You know the only reason to go to Redbank is Cloud’s tax free store

13. You know Billy Walls is a local folk hero

14. Burnt Church. Need I say more?

15. You have a friend who writes-off their car on a regular basis

16. You can use the term “Jake-break” properly in a sentence

17. You listen to Tom Connors and Roger Miller on a regular basis

18. You have read Doug Underhill’s “Popcorn Cat and Pumpkin Moon” more than once in elementary school

19. You realize anyone who says the Rapids is the scariest place on the Miramichi has never been down the “Howood Woad” at night

20. You know where the “Howood Woad” is

21. You know all about Weaver Siding

22. You know what “pulamoo” means

23. You know someone who uses “dear” in every sentence

24. Your summer highlight is the 5 minute firework show at the Chatham wharf

25. You have, or know someone who has, a summer camp within 10 minutes of home

26. You have been to more than four UPM Timberwolves games

27. You know all the English people eat at McDonald’s and all the French people eat at Burger King

28. You know that the new bridge in Quarryville took longer to build than the Confederation bridge to PEI

29. You know that REPAP is PAPER spelled backwards

30. You have friends who argue about whose power saw is better

31. You drive out of your dooryard in the winter and your car is still plugged in

32. You use terms like “Not one bit” and “The very best” on a regular basis

33. The best fight you’ve ever seen happened at the Tom Donovan Arena

34. The last concert you were at was opened by “Amy and the Goodtimes”

35. If spinning powerturns on icy roads was a sport, half your road would win gold at the Olympics

36. Your Saturday evening consists of parking your car in the Russell’s drycleaner or the Sobey’s lot

37. You have been to at least 10 Choo Choo’s teen dances before you realized all the people there are under 12

38. You are honestly afraid of the Dungarvon Whooper

39. You use to be a Montreal Canadians fan

40. Picking tobacco and planting trees aren’t just summerjobs: they’re career choices

Mood: light
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: knives out, radiohead
Hair: outlook dismal

6 thoughts on “From the Miramichi

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  1. #23 – take getting used to when a cleark as young as your kids calls you “dear”


    #27 – Addison begs to differ. 🙂 The French people all come in McD’s on the weekend.


  2. Yeah, I didn’t know anything about the French/English fast food thing. That was one I wondered about. Does anyone know what that’s all about anyway? I mean the story behind it. And also I’m in the dark on number 22. But I do know all about the power saw battles, lol. Power saw competitions were one of my favourite events to host at the club, once upon a time. They were just so much fun. Hysterical power tool hi-jinks!


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