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I think it’s time to have Breakfast Week at my house. Yep, you heard me, all breakfast all the time. Why? Because I’ve got English Muffins and eggs and back bacon and sausage and regular bacon and yogurt and granola bars and milk and a fridge full of cheese that I need to use up before it rots.

Last night’s Eggs Benedict were not the greatest, my hollandaise was a little sickening if I’m to be honest. Blech! But I didn’t get poisoned, which is always a concern when I’m in the kitchen, and today’s egg white concoction (can’t be called an omelet if it’s not in one piece) was quite delightful. And I actually ate it at breakfast time. Well closer to breakfast time than supper time. It’s a start.

I need to try harder to eat earlier in the day. It’s my natural inclination to eat once a day, usually dinner, frequently after 7pm. I’ve always eaten this way. As long as I can remember. That’s why in times of work overload or great stress it’s always been so easy to go days without eating anything at all. I’d just forget. NOT that I’ve been doing that recently, I’ve actually made great progress on that front. The days of totally forgetting to eat are fewer and farther between. And this is very good in helping to keep my arthritis in check. I’m getting better.

I’m doing really well at cooking something for myself everyday, making sure to get veggies and protein and whole grains and all that good stuff. It’s just that I rarely feel hungry when I first wake or throughout the day. But I know breakfast is important. I know it’s the lack of breakfast food that causes me to get a little dizzy when I’m walking to the post office or leaning over to reach something on a bottom shelf. So I’ve got the one meal under control, now it’s time to go for two. First step, I bought a bunch of breakfast type things. Now I just have to remember to eat them so I’m not tossing them out when they expire.

I remembered to take the trash to the curb this morning AND to eat breakfast. What a day so far!

Mood: head-achy
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: tick-tick-ticking
Hair: thick and unruly

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