Welcome to the Wasteland

I’ve been sleeping on the futon in the living room since Friday night. Why? Because I’m too lazy to make up the bed. Not kidding. I stripped the bed on Friday to wash the sheets. I should have just put another set on right then, but I didn’t. I wanted to wait for the New Brunswick sheets to come out of the dryer. Because they’re warm and fuzzy and oh so soft . . . if you have them, you’ll know why, if you don’t, get some and you’ll never want to leave your bed again.

Anyway, Friday night the boy in the bedroom next to mine got drunk and stayed up all night talking to the girl from across the hall, his room-mate, not to be mistaken for his girlfriend who had been here visiting for two weeks cooking and cleaning and generally spending all her time in the walk-in closet and driving me crazy. No, the girlfriend left on Friday, the boy got drunk and the other girl hung out with him in his room all night talking. I think her boyfriend (the one who used to come here with the little dog) screwed around on her and they broke up. I think maybe these two room-mates might’ve had a little something going on too, a night of drunken annihilation at one point. Anyway, there was just no way of sleeping in my bed with all this going on, so I made up the futon, cranked Sex and the City and fell into dreamland. Night 1.

Saturday my computer crashed. I’m talking big old blue screen of death scary type crash. Then some serious crazy stuff going on when I did get a screen back. The mouse wouldn’t work. The display settings defaulted to fucking HUGE. Using the keyboard to manouver (all those years in dos-land revisited) I scanned and defragged and deleted programs and restarted a zillion times into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Nothing worked. But the point is I snoozed on the futon while doing all this stuff. Night 2.

Sometime Sunday I went for the system restore and my baby came back to me. Thank you Jesus! But I was whipped — sleep deprived, stressed to the max — too tired to make up the bed, so another night emerged on the futon. Night 3.

Yesterday I was zonked, I napped after supper for godsake! I NEVER nap. I’ve got to be seriously tired to do the napping thing. I was going to work late, but couldn’t, too tired. (I am yawning now just thinking about how tired I was.) WAY too zapped to make the bed . . . Night 4.

Today I’m making the bed and I’m doing it just as soon as I finish this post, because all these nights on the futon are exhausting the crap out of me đŸ˜‰


Have my Sackville Writers’ Group coming up tomorrow night. Still I’m printerless and can’t actually submit any of my own writing. I might be getting a printer soon though. Someone Mighty arrives on Friday to take my computer away and give her an overhauling. Getting a new operating system. Will lose some of my programs in the process, but not any documentation. Oh well. Also gearing up to meet with my favourite Miramichi gals, who I miss so much and do some workshopping. That’ll be nice. Next week I might go to Freddy for a couple of days to take a workshop. Will see. Lots to do. I’ve fallen behind. Not unsurprisingly. Think I’ll make Eggs Benedict for dinner tonight (it’s not just for breakfast you know). Wish me luck with that will ya. Sam Roberts and The Novaks are playing here soon. Can’t wait! Finally something happening and I’ll be here to partake. And I’m off to make the bed!

Mood: burned out
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: WHO do you think?
Hair: full ‘n bouncy

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