The Ring of Truth

Hello Kellie!
Your daily horoscope for Feb 02:

Are you an intellectual or a poet, Kellie, a novelist or a play-write? The celestial energy is leaving you alone with your anxieties and questions. You are sure of only one thing: words are the friends you have decided to spend the rest of your life with. This is a kind of dream and a challenge that corresponds well to your sign as a Gemini. Get to work. You will find your vocation as well as your passion in your writing…

Mood: procrastinating (dancing about the room, waving my hands in the air, dreaming about Sam . . . when I should obviously be writing)
Drinking: coffee (wine run happening later, big NBLC liquidation sale starts today!)
Listening To: Dead End, Sam Roberts
Hair: damp and fading fast, dammit! I think it’s the water in Miramichi, zaps my colour every visit

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