No Lappy

It’s official. Da boss has banned the laptop. We will rely on the computers of strangers for our journey. There will be NO work. There may be a little blogging, depending.

I purchased snack foods for the train today — granny apples, organic bananas, granola bars — food on the train is so terribly expensive. It’s a couple of bucks just for a small styrofoam cup of coffee, and money remains a concern heading into this thing. I think I’ll be okay. Other purchases today included luggage tags, trial sized mouthwash, and a new writing journal, actually two new writing journals.

One is a women’s journal with quotes from women writers on the inside cover, I’ve seen this journal before somewhere, some woman I know writes in this same one . . . Karen maybe? I’m not sure. The other is just a plain black hardcover composition book. I didn’t buy these for the trip so much, though it’ll be the train before I can start any writing I’m sure, but I’ve wanted something new for capturing long-hand thoughts, something solid and classy and inspiring, because there’s a new story working it’s way out and I’m tired of having creative thoughts jumbled with work notes and articles in spiral stenopads. So tomorrow (later today) I’ll start some books just for the creative stuff, keep it all together, make it easier to find and use.

One week from tonight I’ll be back in NB, will have given another workshop at the Access Centre. I’m looking forward to this workshop, feel prepared, ready, like I can really do this thing and help people, inspire them, feels good. Also received a rejection email today on one of the stories I submitted last June to a lit review in BC. Nothing specific to my work, just a form, nothing helpful, though it did say they’d look forward to seeing something else from me . . . which isn’t always the case. I should workshop that story now with the Sackville group, but I need a God damn new printer to run off copies for everyone. Have to make getting a printer a priority next month. I’m stalled on many fronts without one. Perhaps a laser printer, ink will be cheaper even if the printer cost is more up front. Will have to research in full.

Mood: beyond wired
Drinking: drank a bottle of wine, nothing now
Listening To: CSI on Showcase
Hair: pulled back, still faded

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