Heart Palpitations

I am sick with excitement over impending trip. Dreams are filled with Toronto memories. Too much to do still. Trying to remain calm and practical. Stick to some sort of schedule.

The boy on the other side of my bedroom has moved in a girl and it’s driving me nuts. I hope she is just visiting and will return to wherever she came from, be gone by the time I return from my excursion. She giggles. A LOT! And it’s not infectious, but so juvenile-like annoying. And she’s in there all the time. And he’s in there with her when he’s not in class. And they’re so “in love” it’s sickening. Please kill me now! But the worse thing is that the bitch cooks. I mean seriously cooks like three square meals a day, including bacon and sausage for breakfast, curried meats for dinner and burger-like midnight snacks. That boy is going to blow up if she stays much longer. And the smell of food cooking is everywhere in my apartment, making me hungry, making me want to eat burgers at midnight . . . but I’m not 22-years-old! I CAN’T get away with eating burgers at midnight anymore. Plus she’s as laundry obsessed as me and considering the water supply is shared it’s become a little difficult to take a shower without being frozen or scalded. Please let this just be a visit and not a permanent arrangement.

2 thoughts on “Heart Palpitations

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  1. I really like the name of your blog. I also agree with the fact that the girl sounds really ANNOYING, I’m not usually a fan of gigglers. Good Luck


  2. Thanks Jessie. It’s not the girl so much, she’s probably pretty normal and really nice, it’s the thickness of my walls to the adjoining apartment. My walls are WAY too thin! I shouldn’t be hearing all the stuff I am. And the shared water thing is just crazy.


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