Looking Good!

Hello Kellie,
Here’s your weekly horoscope for January 16 to 22.

Change of Scene

You may find yourself tied up in knots when it comes to your joint financial affairs, Kellie. Tuesday could be confusing as you may be offered a deal, but there may be reservations about whether you will actually get it or not. Don’t worry too much, as this side of life will look a lot better after February 4. Meanwhile, Mars moves to square Neptune on Wednesday which could lead to one of those events that creates temporary chaos and seems to come out of nowhere. If you have big plans at this time, don’t take anything for granted as they may materialize in a way that is completely different from anything you expected. In fact, they may not materialize at all, come to that. Be ready. The end of the week swings the spotlight around to travel and other such forms of excitement. The journey has to be a spiritual one as well as one of adventuring to places that stir up your interest. Mercury and the Sun move into Aquarius from Friday, so you may find it hard to resist an urge to escape to the blue yonder. The more tropical and the more magical the place, the better. You are due for a change of scene – go for it.

My trip is blessed! Oh happy day! I can’t believe we’re down to a few days. One week from today is the concert I have tickets for.

Mood: freaking
Drinking: cheap coffee
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Hair: oy!

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