Hawt Damn!

It’s a balmy 14 degrees on the marsh. Went out with just a t-shirt and light jacket, nearly cooked. Windows open and letting the place air out. Clouding over tho, might cool some. Went shopping. I so much prefer street shopping. Window shopping from the sidewalk. I see Capote is playing Thursday night at the Vogue. The night before I leave, but still gonna have to try and get out to see that one. Bought a great mug at the thrift store, tried on a few things but didn’t find any clothes I liked. Went to Reen’s and picked up Sears parcel, haven’t tried stuff on yet, but looks nice on the hanger. Bought some new make-up brushes at Jean Coutu, seriously needed them big time. The last time I bought a blush brush I was dating Ronnie, OMG I’m serious! I think he paid for it because I was still in high school, crazy stuff. Got some wooden kitchen utensils at the dollar store. Been wanting some because I keep melting plastic in my food. Yeah, I know, you’d think I’d learn after the first time but . . .

Mood: get up and go
Drinking: nothing right now
Listening To: Cab, Train
Hair: needing some work

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