Concert Weekend

It’s a Mix 99.9 Bon Jovi Concert Weekend! Listen for a double shot of Bon Jovi, be the ninth caller through and win two tickets to sit onstage during the first of four sold-out concerts at the ACC. ONSTAGE! For the first concert, my tickets are for the second. But I will be in town, so it totally works for me. I’ve caught the contest twice and tried to win. Busy signals all around. It’s funny, people call in whenever they hear Bon Jovi, without waiting to see if it’s the contest. Last night Freeway was asking the girls for their home phone number so he could call them later and chat in order to get them to end the calls. It was pretty funny. Girls wanting tix, chatting up a storm, soon as he says give me your number I’ll call you later — silence! Too funny.

I kind of feel like I’m in that movie, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it follows a group of young people in the 60’s as they go to NYC for the weekend to try and see the Beatles when they do Ed Sullivan. They do all kinds of crazy stuff like sneak into their hotel, but also they try to win a radio contest. It was a pretty good movie, can’t remember much more than that, saw it eons ago. But it’s just this dropping of everything and rushing to the phone that puts it in my head. Yesterday, putting on my make-up when I hear the first chords of Wanted, this crazy falling over myself commotion as I got into position in case it was a double-shot. I’m like a schoolgirl, which is kinda fun.

Going out now for coffee, pick up my Sears parcel (I’ve ordered jeans in smaller sizes, cuz I think I’ve dropped again, those last ones aren’t fitting so great, plus another amazing jacket sale I couldn’t resist), gonna swing by the second-hand places and see if there’s anything interesting, maybe go to the techy type place and get him to look at my camera (yes, i’m in possession of yet another bum camera, what is it with me and digicams?! am i not meant to take pics? you’ve seriously got to wonder), dreamed about fried chicken and think I should go to Save-Easy and get some to satisfy my craving (you can’t get chicken in this town, which is so bizarre considering there’s a chicken place on every corner in Miramichi) . . . Kellie out! Needing coffee big time!

Mood: mellow
Drinking: Organic Orange Pekoe
Listening To: Even An Ugly Man, Hawksley Workman
Hair: Tempted to take the scissors to it myself, like Frida

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