A Better Day

Streaming radio out of Toronto has helped knock me out of the crazy funk I’ve been in since Monday. Thank God for internet radio! Yesterday started with Humble Howard and moved on to tons of work, writing for work (and fun!), an energising walk about town, cooking (and devouring) a feast, house chores, a solid half hour of reading, even a little tv (what is that sitcom Seth Green’s doing? Cracked me up totally!), and best of all a solid night’s sleep. Doesn’t get any better than that.

So I’m over the shock of the Alderwood visit. Of course I can handle this. It’ll be fine. If he knows I’m coming he’ll probably make sure he’s not there anyway. And if not, that’s okay too. It’ll probably be very pleasant. I’m sure it’ll be really nice to see everyone again. After all the crap I’ve had in my life, I’m still here, stronger than ever, even an afternoon of the worse possible scenario isn’t gonna kill me (and seriously, the chances of that happening are way low). So I’m better now. Back in the swing, feeling less scattered and more focused. This is good.

The story thing I’m working on is progressing nicely. Plugging away a little everyday. I’ve gone back to the ten minute rule. Because it works for me. I mean I feel like I can spend 10 minutes creative writing, that’s not going to cut too much into my work, I don’t feel guilty taking it. But ten minutes usually becomes 30 or an hour, which is also fine. It’s just my way of tricking my mind into thinking it’s okay to spend time in personal creative pursuits. Kinda crazy. But it works. I’m writing, the thing is progressing. Though I’m still not sure what it is, definitely fiction, but a bit . . . I dunno, abstract maybe? It’s possible I’m working on the bare bones outline of a piece I’ll have to expand and fill in later. I haven’t got it all figured out yet. It’s an image, a concept, an idea I’m compelled to try and capture. The challenge is showing it.

Mood: perky
Drinking: coffee! give me coffee!
Listening To: Welcome to My Life, Simple Plan
Hair: Out there!

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