Getting In the Mood

Listening to Humble Howard’s morning show on the Mix 99.9. Seems like very mild weather going on in Toronto right now. Here too past couple days. Rain this morning. Funny to hear Howard’s voice again though. We used to chat everyday when I worked with his wife.

Had my writers’ group last night. I’ve been so freaking tired this week, deadened. Couldn’t get my head around discussing anything, but went anyway, figured I might pick up something just by being in the same room with creative energy. To be fair I have been plugging away quite steadily on a draft of something new this week, I’m not a total loser, but this sleepiness is pretty intense. I’m starting to wonder whether I’ve got mono or something. I am under considerable stress right now. Can’t stop yawning. Surely there’s more to it than those new sheets. Damn those sheets! Why did my mother buy me something that makes me want to stay in bed more? Why do that to me? I suppose I could take them off. Even thinking about them makes me want to go crawl back into bed. Must snap out of it! Listen to Howard. Laugh. Infuse my body with caffeine. WORK!!

Mood: cheery
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: The Humble Report
Hair: all over the place

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