Month: January 2006

Ten Days Later

I am returned to my marshy nest from the concrete jungle. So which version do you want — the Reader’s Digest Condensed Book? or the Special Edition Director’s Cut? Mood: beyond tiredDrinking: organic teaListening To: The Special A.K.A. Too Much Too Young (live)Hair: a tad orange Advertisements

Message from the Man

Mike’s commenting on our election. I may as well come clean–I’m not voting. Now before you say anything, I KNOW! I promise not to say anything when the damn conservatives take over the country and ruin everything. I believe this is the first time since I turned 18 […]

No Lappy

It’s official. Da boss has banned the laptop. We will rely on the computers of strangers for our journey. There will be NO work. There may be a little blogging, depending. I purchased snack foods for the train today — granny apples, organic bananas, granola bars — food […]

28 Hours

I depart in 28 hours. Oh boy! Crazy weather here. Wild wind. Last night was insane with freezing rain and ice pellets. Today it’s just windy and cold, all the snow has been washed away. The weather in Toronto looks good for Sunday and Monday. Packing for winter […]

Heart Palpitations

I am sick with excitement over impending trip. Dreams are filled with Toronto memories. Too much to do still. Trying to remain calm and practical. Stick to some sort of schedule. The boy on the other side of my bedroom has moved in a girl and it’s driving […]

Globe Night

Jack’s back from the dead in the most explosive season ever (they’ve assassinated President Palmer, killed Michelle and seriously injured Tony, and now the Russians have taken Terminal One at Ontario airport) and even still I opted to wait until midnight to watch the second half of the […]

Looking Good!

Hello Kellie,Here’s your weekly horoscope for January 16 to 22. Change of Scene You may find yourself tied up in knots when it comes to your joint financial affairs, Kellie. Tuesday could be confusing as you may be offered a deal, but there may be reservations about whether […]

Another Saturday Six

From Patrick’s Weekender. 1. Do you generally tend to be early, late or right on time?It varies from all extremes, I’ll be super early sometimes and super late at other times. But no matter when I arrive, my natural tendency is to run late, rush around like a […]

Hawt Damn!

It’s a balmy 14 degrees on the marsh. Went out with just a t-shirt and light jacket, nearly cooked. Windows open and letting the place air out. Clouding over tho, might cool some. Went shopping. I so much prefer street shopping. Window shopping from the sidewalk. I see […]

Concert Weekend

It’s a Mix 99.9 Bon Jovi Concert Weekend! Listen for a double shot of Bon Jovi, be the ninth caller through and win two tickets to sit onstage during the first of four sold-out concerts at the ACC. ONSTAGE! For the first concert, my tickets are for the […]