still here in the kingdom of barnbonia. the snow is much. i feel like i’ve gained a hundred pounds from all this crazy food i’ve been eating and being housebound for so many days, the inactivity aggravates my joints. feet aching. legs stiff. freezing rain now. not really good for road walking. i’ve survived this long without getting run over by a drunken underhill or jardine, why take chances now? there is always the treadmill i suppose . . . blah. sherry wants me to stay for new year’s, go to her house, drink wine, toast, sing karaoke . . . blah. can’t stop yawning. don’t feel like doing anything . . . not even playing poker with mon pere. think i need to get out of here before i fall into an endless sleep. somebody throw me a towrope.

Mood: surprisingly sober
Drinking: wine, brandy, cognac, jacks and coke
Listening To: madagascar on the keenan tube and darth vader’s light sabre attacking samuel
Hair: fading like a jet’s trail

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