Beer Not Kids

I’ve always read Rick Mercer’s blog, but now that we’re into election mode there’s even more fun stuff going on over there . . . like this. I love it when he starts a petition! And he’s got more signatures than the competing petition. Some funny comments in there too.

I caught some of his show the night Frank McKenna was on. Frank was pretty funny, holding his own with Rick, actually cracking him up. Like when Rick asked about softwood lumber and Frank gave the politically correct response, and Rick pressed — but what if that doesn’t work? Then Frank said something like we’d sue their asses. THAT was pretty funny. He’s got the charisma to be PM. Maybe next time.

Mood: giggling
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: silence deafens, think I’m alone now doesn’t seem to be anyone around . . .
Hair: shaking by the roots, it’s D-Day, anything seems possible

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