Moonlight Madness

Impossible to sleep with this full moon stuff going on. Went to bed late. Woke way early with moon rays illuminating my desk. So I got up and made coffee. Struggled to get the computer to stay connected to the Internet. Seems stable now. I think the moon was screwing it up. I dreamed there was a serial killer on the loose. I knew him and I was on his list of people he intended to kill. He was a former co-worker or something. I was working for a big radio station, but not in news. I had a show, a mixed bag of things, some tunes, some call-in talk, some interviews with crazy artists . . . it was very controversial because I had a rep for being blunt and breaking the rules. It was a late-night show and I’d often be in the studio alone. I was on-air locked in the booth when he came for me. Nothing much happened really, and I wasn’t even all that afraid. It was a little weird. Maybe a flashback to when the station manager used to wander into CFAN in the wee hours of the night just to torture me with his “trained-to-kill Legere” rottweiler. Too many dreams last night to mention. Nothing very interesting. Lots of travel. Surprisingly alert and refreshed upon waking. Think I’ll head out to the Home Hardware today and see what I can find of interest, make a wine run while I’m out there. Have an urge to go to Moncton today, could easily catch the bus in a couple of hours, come back tonight, but I really shouldn’t.

Mood: wired
Drinking: coffee, strong, black
Listening To: Bludsucker, Deep Purple (FIKSZ Radio Budapest)
Hair: in my eyes

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