Year In Review

End of the year meme making the rounds. Go back through your blog and list the first line or sentence of each month . . . this is your year in review.

January 2005 — I know when I get an email from Carol asking me where the hell I am that it is time to show my face around these parts again 🙂 Happy New Year!

February 2005 — I must’ve complained enough about the movie theatre because they finally opened some films I really want to see.

March 2005 — Thanks to everyone who wrote and expressed their concern over my last post. I just needed to vent. Really, I am okay now.

April 2005 — To dispel all the rumors . . . I am not dead. Nor have I been kidnapped by circus clowns.

May 2005 — Well everything is final. Yesterday I signed a lease and paid my first month’s rent.

June 2005 — I got up at a decent time this morning.

July 2005 — It’s Live 8 Concert day — From Aid to Justice — and I’ve been up since early watching the coverage on CTV.

August 2005 — The Family Guy spoofed Saturday Night Live last night.

September 2005 — And we have a boy. Artist? Architecture? He’s got design tubes.

October 2005 — Got an amusing email from a fellow Sackville resident. She said her friends have been reading my blog and enjoying it very much, sending her emails even to discuss the details.

November 2005 — Okay, I’ve definitely been watching way too much Sopranos this week . . . the dreams last night . . . mama mia! All the smacking around, the cursing, the shots fired . . .

December 2005 — You Are An Invisible Ex . . . You’re so over your ex, you hardly even remember you have an ex. You prefer leave all of the baggage behind you – far, far behind.

Not as fun as some I’ve read, but c’est la vie!

Mood: focused
Drinking: coffee, costa rican, with cream
Listening To: Everytime I See Your Picture, Luba
Hair: looking forward to being a little different by nightfall

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