A Second Helping of Madness

I went out for midnight madness on friday. It was snowing and the air was frosty so you could see your breath. They had a living nativity scene at the bandstand park and wagon rides from the post office to the firehall, down the back lanes. Not as many around this time, but I went out a little later too, so maybe a lot of the people with younger kids had already come and gone. With exams going on, it’s been a lot more quiet around here anyway. Very Stars Hollow with the snow and the lights and caroling. I almost caught some Christmas cheer. I took advantage of the sale prices to stock up on some toiletries for myself. Bought my dad The Alamo on dvd and a spindle of blank cds that i’m burning a whack of country music to. got lee the dale earnhardt throw he eyed when he was here and a special edition 2-dvd set called 3, which is a movie about earnhardt’s life i think. bought myself a mug by a potter from Moncton. at first i thought it was a little overglazed, was looking for something a bit less shiny, but i liked the size and colour and feel in my hand, now even the glaze is growing on me. good choice and a good deal too. sackville writers’ group coming up this wednesday night, need to prep for that.

Mood: dazed ‘n confused
Drinking: expresso
Listening To: Say I’m Sorry, Theory of a Deadman
Hair: needing to do something in darker shades

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